What are the startup costs?

*If you already have a computer that meets or exceeds the network requirements you have eliminated the largest expense.

  1. Windows computer with either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Macs are also supported by a limited number of clients. Windows XP and Windows Vista are NOT supported. Please see Workstation Requirements for details.
  2. High-speed internet service (Must be DSL, Cable, or fiber optic with the direct-wired connection. NO satellite or wireless providers allowed.)
  3. $20 - $250 for the client certification course.
  4. Analog or digital landline phone line, with no features, for servicing Arise client calls. This is available from your phone company or cable provider. Workrify can also provide service through one of our partners. Services using MagicJack, Skype, Google Voice, or Ooma are NOT supported.
  5. Comfortable telephone/headset combination for servicing calls. Cordless and wireless are NOT supported.
  6. Noise-canceling computer headset for attending online courses

Workrify CSP Portal

Access to Workrify tools and resources, including payroll, contractor agreements, and agent support options. *Available only to Agents who have completed the registration process,


Arise Portal

Access to the Arise tools and resources including Opportunity Announcements and the Starmatic Scheduling System 2.0, *Available only to Agents who have completed the registration process,